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Tote Bags for Women: The Ultimate Guide

Tote Bags for Women: The Ultimate Guide

Tote Bags are a fashionable investment for every woman, but how do you decide which bag to choose? Trends change from season to season, and it can be hard to keep up with the current styles. 

We understand that your tote bag is a reflection of your inner self. It represents your personal style, and in the case of sustainability, your values. 

At Jandy's, we believe in offering only the best tote bags for women. That's why we've curated a handmade guide to help you navigate your next tote bag purchase.

Do you want to learn more about the most popular tote bag styles on the market today? Keep reading to become a style expert.

Why Tote Bags?

If you're partial to mini bags or clutches, you may wonder why tote bags are so sought-after. Tote bags are reliable, easy to shoulder, and fashion-forward.

Tote bags were originally made to be functional, not fashionable. In fact, L.L. Bean created the first tote bag in the 1940s to transport and keep ice cool. 

By the 1960s, tote bags were a staple for homemakers, who used totes to complete chores and run errands. Decades have passed, and it is still a must-have for the modern woman.

The right tote bag will erase the days of sacrificing practicality for style. 

Unlike smaller handbags, tote bags are better for situations that are more rough-and-tumble. They are ideal for all-day shopping sprees or trips to the gym.

Tote bags also come at a variety of price points, from dollar-store to designer luxury. Whether you want to spend a few dollars or a few hundred, a tote bag will please your budget.

Sustainable Styles 

As the conversation around climate increases, so has the demand for sustainable tote bags. Over 69% of consumers consider sustainability an important factor in their fashion purchases. 

Although consumers want sustainable products, many aren't sure how to define them. So what makes a tote bag sustainable? 

Upcycling is one way to create a sustainable tote bag. Upcycling is the process of incorporating unused materials into a newer, better product. 

Upcycled tote bags take materials out of the environment that end up in our landfills or oceans. 

If you're looking for a sustainable tote bag, our Myra tote bags are perfect for you. Our upcycling and chemical-free tanning processes promote a greener fashion industry. We want to reduce our ecological footprint–and yours.

When you shop with Jandy's, you invest in your tote bag and your environment. 

Earth Tones

The drive for a better environment has inspired the return of nature themes in our tote bag designs. Earth tones have skyrocketed in popularity across industries, surpassing even neutrals. They are appearing in interior design, clothing trends, and yes, tote bags for women. 

Earth tones take their inspiration from the colors that occur in nature. Soil inspires shades like terracotta and rust. Deep blues and soft yellows reflect our seas and sunsets.

Part of the rise of earth tones is due to their versatility. Like a good pair of jeans, they can be paired with just about anything. 

Earth-toned tote bags are perfect for work, a night out, or a coffee shop date. Dress them up or dress them down, the choice is up to you.

The beauty of earth tones reflects the beauty of the natural world. Whether you want to embody the delicate lily or the rustic oak, an earth-toned tote bag will get the job done. 

Animal Prints 

Like our eye for earth tones, our dedication to nature has sparked the return of animal prints. Popular animal prints include zebra, leopard, snakeskin, and tiger stripe patterns. 

Despite their resurgence, animal prints remain a controversial fashion topic. We would carry our leopard tote until the end of time, but others find animal prints intimidating.

Why do animal prints continue to find their way into our tote bag designs? They make the perfect centerpiece. 

When you dress head-to-toe in snakeskin, it can overwhelm your look. Building your outfit around an animal print tote draws attention to your style the right way.

Some critics think animal print is too flashy to be part of a cohesive outfit. The truth is that animal print complements dramatic colors along with neutrals.

A tiger-striped tote can spice up a black dress or provide contrast to neon pink shoes. Animal print only limits your style if you allow it to.

Don't be afraid to embrace your inner animal. You can learn how to style eye-catching animal prints with ease. 

Boho Patterns

Eclectic style doesn't stop at animal prints. Bohemian patterns are among the most popular choices for women's tote bags. 

Boho tote bags combine colorful patterns and textures for a relaxed, natural look. Think of soft geometric shapes, delicate florals, and faded tribal print.

You've likely seen Bohemian patterns appear in home decor trends alongside runway events. To understand why the Bohemian style is so popular, it's worth looking at where it began.

The Bohemian style originated after the French Revolution as part of a counterculture. Artists rejected the wealth of the upper class and lived without the influence of money. To represent their individuality and independence, they wore clothing made from mismatched scraps.

The Love and Peace movement of the 60s and 70s reintroduced Bohemian patterns. It only makes sense that boho patterns would reemerge alongside other styles of the time. (Hint: earth tones). 

Bohemian patterns represent the nature of reclaiming. From scraps, we create something better.

As consumers reconnect with nature and with themselves, they reunite with Bohemian style.

Who knew a tote bag could say so much!

We did. That's why we use Bohemian patterns in this handmade tote bag.

Crossbody Totes

The most comfortable tote you can have is a crossbody bag. For women that prefer comfort over all else, this classic handbag is for you. 

But why stop there? Combine the convenience of the crossbody with the spaciousness of a tote, and you're in heaven.

Crossbody totes evenly distribute the weight of your bag across your body. This reduces aches and pains in your neck and shoulders after a long day on the go.

If you're looking for a smaller type of tote, the crossbody is a solid choice. Crossbody totes maintain the functionality of a traditional tote without the bulk.

Do you find yourself frustrated by slipping purse straps? Crossbody totes rest securely across your shoulders. This convenient design removes the need to adjust your straps throughout your day.

The handsfree style of crossbody totes makes it a game-changer for busy women. Crossbodies give you the freedom to move around without the hassle of handheld bags. They also prevent the contents of your tote from falling out.

Say goodbye to spilling your old receipts and lipstick tubes across the floor. 

Weekender Totes

As we begin to travel again, we need tote bags that will get us to our destination in style. Weekender totes provide the style and size for the perfect vacation bag. 

Weekender tote bags are sized between a purse and a piece of carry-on luggage. They are large enough for your travel necessities but small enough to help you pack light and stay on the go.

If you're looking for a tote to stash all your souvenirs, weekenders are the bag to buy. They often have spacious compartments and zip or buckles to keep your trinkets secure.

The best weekender totes have to keep up with you, so look for bags that use durable materials.

Leather is a timeless choice. Its water resistance will hold up against soda spills or seawater.

Canvas material will also make your weekender tote last. You'll find canvas in everything from hammocks to oil paintings. For a bag that is both resilient and stylish, the canvas is an ideal option.

Weekenders are the perfect tote bags for women who want to jump in the car and take off on the next adventure. You can find yours here. 

Find Tote Bags for Women at Jandy's

Tote bags are the ideal investment if you value sustainability, convenience, and style. Now that you're an expert on the rich history of tote bags and the most popular styles, you're ready to take the next step.

Jandy's offers a variety of stylish and affordable tote bags for women. Our handbags let you explore your personal style and protect the environment.

To find your new favorite handbag, shop our tote bags today!